L'objectiu de l'Educació és formar éssers aptes per a governar-se a ells mateixos, i no per a ser governats pels demés. Herbert Spencer

sábado, 12 de mayo de 2012



At the moment, education has changed a lot since I went to school, as to society and globalization has also change due to.

Before, in the classroom, teachers didn’t used new technologies. Nowadays, at school teachers teach children with ICT and new technologies. They learn by using the computer looking for information on the Internet. This situation means that teachers have to do many short courses for teaching children and for their own continuous training.

In my opinion, I think that the Local Authorities Education must worry about children’s education, for example, by giving more help to schools or give one computer for each student.

New technologies help children to have more independence in their education. Also, ICT can help children in the future when they work, for example, in a company.

Finally, teaching and new technologies have to work together to achieve our aim: On the one hand, a good education for our future students and on the other hand that we become good teachers.

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